Family and Friends

Learn to say and do the right things


What you can say…

  • I am sad for you
  • How are you doing
  • This must be very difficult for you
  • What can I do for you
  • I am here and I want to help


What you should Not say…

  • You can have another baby
  • You have an angel in heaven
  • This happened for a reason
  • Better for this to happen now before you knew the baby
  • There was something wrong with the baby ¬†anyway
  • Calling the baby a thing or it


How you can help…

  • Listen to them
  • Touch with care, hugs or gentle pats on the hand or arm
  • Cry with the family
  • Attend the memorial service
  • Remember them on the baby’s due date or birthday
  • Never forget

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